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yaaay journal skins :)

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 19, 2009, 10:18 AM
thanks ninja assassin :P

on a better note i recently finished a few pieces of art which i will upload soon including a re envisioning of Georgia O'Keefe's 'horse's skull on blue' which i think is pretty good :)

ive also noticed no one comments or looks at my work :/ it would be really nice if you could could tell me how to improve otherwise how will i? (:

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okay so you probably dont know what this is about but ill tell you now:
no one in the world has modded garageband!
or at least i cant find you.

im working on an update mod for garageband 8 which i call neon.
ive uploaded some working pictures of early stages and so far its going well :)

i plan to add a few new features that garageband desperately needs such as a master tempo track, and a few more filters like invert and modulate.

ill also be adding a menu which lets you select the plugins as seperate windows and the ability to have more than one open at a time.
oh and a little button under the name in the column to open that plug in directly.

this is gonna be epic :) but mainly its a graphic update cause i think the graphics are F*CKING terrble!!!!

if youve ever made a garageband or any other mac application mod then please comment this journal or any of my pictures!

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I Cant Express How Sad I Am That This Could Very Well Be The Last NIN Show Ever. And After What The Show At Sonisphere Was Like I Wouldnt Be Surprised If He Wasnt Joking...

Ive Never Heard So Much Silence And Emotion Going Through One Band In A Metal Festival. It Actually Was As If The World Had Stopped Turning Just For This Moment.

Dont Leave On A Bad Note :') Youre Coming Back Right? :') Of Course You Are =[


Lights In The Sky - Nine Inch Nails

She's mostly gone, some other place.
I'm getting by, in other ways.
Everything they whispered in our ear,
Is coming true.

Trying to justify the things I used to do,
Believe in you.

Watching you drown,
I'll follow you down,
I am here right beside you.

The lights in the sky
Have finally arrived
I am staying right beside you.

Trying to stay away,
Just in case.
I've come to realise we all have our place
Time, time has a way, you know, to make it clear.
And I have my room and yes, I can't disappear,
Or leave you here.

Watching you drown,
I'll follow you down,
And I am here right beside you.
The lights in the sky are waving goodbye,
And I am staying right beside you.

Waves Goodbye 1989 - 2009
xx xx
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Cant Beleeve They Never Even Texted Back ¬_¬


On A Happier Note Disastergraphics V5 Beta Is Up. Now! Go See! Comment Rate Whatever The Fuck You Want You Like It? Thanks. It Makes You Want To Kill Yourself? No Need To Be Quiet If You Hate It That Bad Tell Me How To Make It More To Your Taste :)

Your Friendly Retarded Artist (Y)


"Honesty Is The Key To Improvement. And Knowledge Probably How Do I Know Im Only Human!" xD
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And Other Random Thoughts :)



No Network ¬_¬

An Overheating Mac Mini

And No Ability To Watch Hellraiser :(:(

I Was Looking Forward To That XD

Thats All Yall...
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So to start off the day, I missed my end of college party ting :( that sucked.

It gets worse, its about 50,000 degrees out here >.<

Even worse, Im low on cred :/

My creativity is like blocked by guilty thoughts :(

My conscience is unclear as usual.

My music is like not going too well...

My website is like... terrible at the moment.

YOUR .. something, I just felt selfish talking about myself so much x]

Today Was All Right:

I got a free bottle of Pepsi ^.^

I got a free print out of Francis Bacon's 'Screaming Pope' ^.^

We played Bomberman ^.^

Me and Sheryl Did A duet acoustic of 'Come Clarity' by In Flames, 'Miss Murder' by AFI, 'Killing Lights' by AFI, 'Through Glass' by Stone Sour, and 'Sweet Child O' Mine' by Guns N' Roses ^.^

I'm gonna record them :>

That is all...

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Well basically my website is dead. not officially more like ina coma y'know? the server is the one thats dead ¬_¬ that pisses me off...

And umm well thats my problem...
now you say something :)

Oh yeah and when i bring out my self titled (4th Album ^^) like some time this year there will be like a graphic booklet with graphics you wont have seen anywhere before :) so you will buy it or ill shove it down your throat and make you choke xD

I wouldnt do that..

Would I?

Do you want to find out i guess xD

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So Here We Are, Thrown In The Deep End With Nothing. Some Can Build Up Their Future. For Others Its Like Being A Fish Among Sharks.

Well That Was Nice I Might Do More Of These Proverb Things :]

I Would Like To Say Im Officially Bored Shitless, Am Sitting In College Atm With Not Much To Do Waiting For Some Paint So We Can ... Well Paint :D

Ill Be Back Later With A Real Blog When I Have Time And Effort (Y)

Proverb #2
We All See Whats Meant To Be Seen. But Obviously Our Gods Are Ashamed Of The Real World They Created.
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Modern art isnt really art anymore and i don't mean modern as in to date works, i refer to modern as in ahead of its time, at the time.
most famous works are art but only arguably, for example a famous modern artist from the 50's who goes by the name of Marcel Duchamp, some would know him as a breakthrough, I for one think of him as a cheat.

For those of you who have never seen his infamous piece called urinal heres a link… Duchamp.jpg. this ISNT art? all he has done is ripped this off a wall painted his name on it and claimed it as is own? technically that takes copyright rights off the edge of reason.

another piece by him is shown here… in which all he has done is drawn a tash and a beard on the mona lisa... seriously people? wheres the creativity, passion for art, effort in art anymore? i think i remade this when i was 5 but i didnt claim it as amazing, special or definitely not "modern".

i am not saying i dont respect this artist but i think he hasnt made enough effort to call himself an artist and i would espect better of everyone else out there.

a good example of how to copy someone elses work, manipulate if you like is in francis bacon's work. a very good example is his painting of velazquez…. the original is here…. as you can see it is identical in imagery but depicted completely differently. this is good, this is art. a urinal with a name painted on it is plagerism and awful.

your thoughts will be very respected.
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Okay so i was standing outside smoking, and i was thinking, Horror movies are all good, most are mediocre at best but has there ever been one that us, the public can relate to?

28 Days Later and diary of the dead come close to that but no horror movie that i have seen makes me think oh my god that could happen to me. maybe its about time horror genre directors and writers conjure up something that actually seems possible, something which could really scare anyone rather than all that fancy zombie vampire werewold bloodfest crap.

So lets picture something like this:
the point of view of a family who just live their normal day to day lives. one of the family doesnt really like the rest of their family and talks to a few people who say well maybe you should do something about it, move out, or run away or something, instead he decides i am going to murder my family. One by one this person figures out different brutal scary ways to kill each member and kills them in the home while everyone else sleeps. and then for the final one he decides something really brutal and disgusting something that will literally make some people sick while they watch and the whole film is filmed from the last living survivors point of view but through the whole film he/she doesnt know whats going on until he turns around and this kid is screaming his ass off and running up to his/her face with a pocket knife in one hand, and a chisel in the other.

all you hear is screaming and the screen goes distorted and blurred and filled with blood as your face gets chiseled down slowly until it finally hits the skull where theres a crack and it suddenly stops.

Though Surely i guess if its through their eyes you would have a blank screen while they sleep well lets just add the fact that they sleep walk or that they have very vivid dreams and the ones this person has each day is a dream of how someone else is going to die but the person doesnt think much of it until it finally happens to them...

forget all that from someone filming it point of view or from a totally random camera man who just happens to be there right place right time.

This is the kind of shit that would make me tremble every time i leave the house and ti would really make me think twice about going outside for a smoke when theres no one else around...

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Im Not New To This So Stop Trying To Tell Me i Am ¬_¬
I Just Got A New Account Thats All. One That Im Actually Going To Keep Updated.

Yeah Well Anyway Ive Spent About 4 Hours Uploading Pictures And Eating Hob Nobs Now Im Just A Bit Tired TBH. Oh And Ive Been Listening To N-Dubz As Well Blud :]


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